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April 2018
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Archive for 'Tinkering'


A quick feedback loop pedal I made,  not quite an original design but I had to figure out how to make it work the way I wanted on my own.

Blue Box 2

I made another Blue Box for my boss at Different Fur Studios, after he took my last one. I built this one slightly different in mind of what he usually uses this pedal for, vocals of all things. I used slightly different transistors that sound a little harsher to my ears, though it is hard [...]

Wooly Mammoth

I built a clone of the Z. Vex Wooly Mammoth for a friend. Mimi hand painted the enclosure with acrylic paint. It looks and sounds awesome.

Pedal Art

Worked on the designs for all my pedals. Reworked not only the design for the outside of the Tube Screamer (now Green Skreamer) but also the mods. I got rid of the 808 to 9 switches as they didn’t do much and replaced it with a starve control that starves the circuit of power, essentially [...]

A Little Circuit Bending

At the same time I started building guitar pedals I bought a bunch of toys with the intention of circuit bending them. Unfortunately I really haven’t gotten around to them, so they have just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I have done a few simple little things though. Mimi got me this little [...]

Tape Machines

I just got two tape machines for free! Unfortunately neither of them are working, but hopefully fixing them shouldn’t be too much trouble. The larger one is a TEAC A-4010s and the other is an Ampex 800. I have already started on the TEAC, everything powers up and the transport works fine it just needs [...]

A Green Box

This is a modified Tube Screamer that I built for a guitarist I did a recording project with earlier in 2010. So what is it? This is a Tube Screamer 808 clone with a set of simple mod switches. The 3 knobs on the left and the circuit inside are the same as a Tube [...]

An Orange Box

This is a clone of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor that I built a little while ago and just got around to putting in a case. Unfortunately I didn’t do much research before I built this pedal. What I had heard was that it is a little dirty, meaning not particularly transparent, and that [...]

More Pictures of A White Box

Tina took so many cool pictures, that I couldn’t not post some more

A White Box

After I finished the DI I couldn’t wait to start another project, building these things is really fun, its like sudoku, but at the same time relaxing like knitting. This is a clone of the MXR Blue Box that I built, a pretty nasty sounding guitar effects pedal. After all the trouble I had with [...]