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My First Dwarf Fortress


Sean Reads Civil War Part 5

Alright so as usual spoilers ahead, this post concerns the events between Civil War 6 and 7, but mostly just Civil War 7. First off Speedball buys into the idea that he “caused” the explosion and not Nitro, and becomes Penance vowing to suffer for each and every person “he killed” when Nitro exploded. In [...]

Sean Reads Civil War Part 4

So this little section of Civil War is kind of in some awkward in between stage, where things should be wrapping up but not yet. So everything between Civil War #5 and #6 is sort of filler, little extra stories meant to develop character rather than plot. And boy is there some character development! Like [...]

Sean Reads Civil War Part 3

Alright, so I am about half way through Civil War! As usual this post contains everything between Civil War 4 and 5, and will be spoiler heavy. So right off the bat we have Wolverine, and he is actually doing something pretty important to the Civil War storyline. It turns out Nitro, the guy who [...]

Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day, A celebration of Comic Books and getting them for free, for a day. Not surprisingly this is a holiday I take very seriously, so Mimi and I went to our local Flying Colors and picked up some sweet free comics. I planned ahead for this [...]

Sean Reads Civil War Part 2

Okay so I am gonna do this is shorter bursts, partly so I can put a lot more detail in shorter posts, but mostly because I have significantly slowed down in my reading. This post covers everything between Civil War 3 and 4. Same deal as as last time: there will be spoilers. The Civil [...]

Sean Reads Civil War

I wanted to read the whole thing and write a short post about it but as you can see there is too much to say, so this is part one spanning about a quarter of the series. Also beware of spoilers I am going to read the whole series. So join me as I read [...]