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April 2018
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A Little Circuit Bending

At the same time I started building guitar pedals I bought a bunch of toys with the intention of circuit bending them. Unfortunately I really haven’t gotten around to them, so they have just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I have done a few simple little things though.

Mimi got me this little Casio PT-100 for 10 dollars at a thrift store. It sounds totally badass, but it doesn’t have any line outs and my tone shaping options are severely limited with only 8 different samples and a rhythm section.  So I did a quick little mod grabbing the connections to the internal speaker and wiring them to a 1/4″ jack. I made sure to connect them back to the speaker also, because it actually sounds pretty cool by itself. Where I was once limited I can now run the keyboard through my guitar pedals or even directly into my computer with a DI.

There are certainly a lot of more interesting modifications I could do to this, but I am a little hesitant as it is my only hardware synthesizer right now, and I broke the last keyboard on my first attempt at circuit bending.

This was my second attempt and circuit bending and my first successful one. It is a little steering wheel with various car noises. The two switches basically cause feedback loops, and are essentially the same. With only one or the other switched they sound exactly the same, and with both on everything gets just a little bit louder, with the exception of the red button on the left side, which makes a completely different, screeching noise. I don’t really know what I did, how or why it works, but that is part of the fun and mystery of circuit bending. Don’t let and nerds tell you different.

I plan to post some recordings later this week.

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