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April 2018
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Archive for the year 2010

Sean Reads Civil War Part 5

Alright so as usual spoilers ahead, this post concerns the events between Civil War 6 and 7, but mostly just Civil War 7. First off Speedball buys into the idea that he “caused” the explosion and not Nitro, and becomes Penance vowing to suffer for each and every person “he killed” when Nitro exploded. In [...]

An Orange Box

This is a clone of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor that I built a little while ago and just got around to putting in a case. Unfortunately I didn’t do much research before I built this pedal. What I had heard was that it is a little dirty, meaning not particularly transparent, and that [...]

Sean Reads Civil War Part 4

So this little section of Civil War is kind of in some awkward in between stage, where things should be wrapping up but not yet. So everything between Civil War #5 and #6 is sort of filler, little extra stories meant to develop character rather than plot. And boy is there some character development! Like [...]

More Pictures of A White Box

Tina took so many cool pictures, that I couldn’t not post some more

A White Box

After I finished the DI I couldn’t wait to start another project, building these things is really fun, its like sudoku, but at the same time relaxing like knitting. This is a clone of the MXR Blue Box that I built, a pretty nasty sounding guitar effects pedal. After all the trouble I had with [...]

Some Sound Design

Another school project, this time the assignment was to take a 3 minute video game trailer, remove all of the sound and replace it with your own. I would recommend listening to this on a system that has a sub woofer. Generally you would mix audio to sound good on any system, or at least [...]


This is an Active DI I built for a school project. If you don’t know what a DI is (stands for Direct Injection) it is a device meant to convert an unbalanced high impedance signal into a balanced mic level signal. Basically it allows you to plug a Hi-Z instrument (electric guitar, bass, synths, etc…) [...]

Top 3 Things I Like About Mimi

1. Hairy Toes 2. Personality 3. Butt

Sean Reads Civil War Part 3

Alright, so I am about half way through Civil War! As usual this post contains everything between Civil War 4 and 5, and will be spoiler heavy. So right off the bat we have Wolverine, and he is actually doing something pretty important to the Civil War storyline. It turns out Nitro, the guy who [...]

How Could I Have Been So Blind

You may remember that this blog started off with a list of My Favorite Albums of 2009. And while I certainly can’t be expected to listen to every single album that came out that year, I am ashamed to admit that I missed 3 albums by one of the greatest artists of the past decade: [...]